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Living Room Lighting Design Mumbai

Light up your living room, and transform your space with the best lighting ideas and expert tips.

The living room is the multi-functional hub of the home. Whether we use it for entertaining, working or relaxing, our living room lighting should be versatile and cater to all our needs. The best lighting should not only illuminate our room but also lift our mood, promote productivity, and set the right ambience – especially if you have low levels of natural light.

Living room lighting needs to be ‘layered’ with three strategically placed types of lighting. The first is ambient lighting, the focal point that provides the room’s overall illumination. This is often overhead ceiling lighting like a pendant or spotlights. Task lighting is more directional for specific areas in the room such as work from home zones, and these can be either reading or floor lamps. Accent lighting is used to bring attention to a certain feature such as wall art, a reading nook, or decorative accessories on a shelf.

‘Play with layers – check that your walls are well lit, this will make the room feel brighter,’ says Kate Wilkins and Sam Neuman of Home Lighting Ideas. ‘Then create a focus point with tables or pictures, add evening lamps and you will have your key layers.’

This trinity of layered lighting is important for creating the perfect balance. From pendant and wall lights to LED, there are so many types of lighting to choose from. But there are some key things to consider before deciding on your living room lighting. Firstly, where do you want the lights to be positioned in the room and for what particular task? Think about the scale and size of the room. Large statement floor lamps can look overwhelming in small living rooms, so would benefit from wall-mounted lamps to free up space and offer more focused light.

Consider what mood or atmosphere you want to create:

• Do you want a warm soft glow or a cool white light for your space? Warm lighting is ideal for when you want to relax and unwind, while a cool white light is energising and ideal for a more open-plan space that benefits from brighter lighting.

• Do you prefer a dimmer switch or a standard flick switch? Dimmer switches are ideal for setting the right tone for your lighting needs.

• And finally, what is your budget? Lighting can be pretty costly so it’s worth shopping around for what you need.

These living room lighting ideas will help you choose the right one to suit your requirements.

 you or your family are tall or the light is hung over an area that sees heavy foot traffic. Also be aware of the lines of sight in your room—hanging fixtures shouldn’t impede the view to the television or any artistic focal points or block the view between rooms in an open concept space.

Living Room Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights come in various types, shapes and sizes. The most popular are pendant lights which hang from the ceiling, creating striking focal points. These are often height adjustable to suit any sized room. ‘Ceiling lights that go beyond the humble light shade can make a real style statement and draw the eye up,’ says Ally Dowsing-Reynolds, co-owner at Dowsing & Reynolds. ‘Ceiling lights don’t have to be stark and bright. Add a dimmer and you can have it bright and light during the day and relaxing and cosy at night.’

Chandeliers and cluster lights can make bold statement pieces, while flush lights sit closer to the ceiling which is ideal for living rooms with lower ceilings. Before you buy, it’s important to take the height of your ceiling into consideration. You don’t want a larger ceiling light to overpower a compact space, while a small fixture won’t have much ambient impact in a large room.

Higher ceilings give you room for stunning statement makers,’ adds Ben Marshall, Creative Director from Hudson Valley Group. ‘Consider putting lighting first in spaces with higher ceilings, going big on a large chandelier, maybe something that goes in all directions like Sputnik and make other design decisions for the space complementary to this piece.’


Living room wall lamps can fulfill multiple lighting needs depending on the design of the lamp. Swing arm sconces provide ideal task lighting for your favorite reading chair. Picture lights illuminate artwork or family photos. Shaded sconces add ambient lighting to supplement your central ceiling fixture. All of these living room wall lights can also serve as decorative fixtures to accent the decor of your living room.