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Kitchen Room Lighting Design

Kitchen Room Lighting Design in India

A well-lit kitchen can completely transform an ordinary space into something astounding. Smart light positioning can make smaller kitchens seem bigger, replace poor natural light or set an evening mood after a tough day.

The truth is, with kitchens now demanding so many functions, lights must set the scene of many varied activities, from entertaining and cooking, to homework and relaxing. Lighting can make or break your kitchen – so it’s worth considering early on in the planning process.

Without further ado, are some of our best tips and tricks for lighting your kitchen. Let there be lights…

Types of Lights

Ambient / Mood lighting.
Ambient or mood lighting is the main light source in your space. Think of it as general background light, helping you to navigate around your kitchen. Ambient lighting will be in addition to the natural light which enters your kitchen – or making up for a lack of it. The trick is to evenly cast light from the ceiling as much as possible, which can be achieved through chandeliers, pendant lights and recessed lighting, to name a few.

Here’s ambient lighting we installed in a kitchen above the peninsula (in conjunction with LED ambient spotlights in the ceiling, helping balance the light across otherwise darker spots) which have been installed with a warm, glowing bulb to add to the mood.

Accent Lighting
Accent lights are the cherry on top to your kitchen lighting, the grace notes of kitchen design – softly lighting areas you wish to highlight. They are purposefully soft, helping favourite elements of your kitchen to pop, without the bright glare of other, more focused light alternatives.

Here’s an example of accent lighting we installed in a Mumbai kitchen – strip LEDs have been placed under the worktop, in the handle channel, to illuminate an otherwise dark and hidden space. It allows for a choice of atmosphere: turning the ambient lights off and leaving the accent lights on is a fast-track route to a chilled atmosphere. Above the splashback is an example of our final lighting category…

Task Lighting

There are some places ambient lighting cannot reach – leaving shadows, often in areas which need focus. Kitchens can be hazardous places (think sharp knives and hot hobs) and accent lighting doesn’t quite cut it (excuse the pun). This is where task lighting comes in. 

Whether it’s work surfaces, illuminating splashbacks or lighting up the cooker – task lights are the brightest in the kitchen, helping brighten your space where you need most focus so you can prepare meals safely, keeping all your fingers intact… 

Here’s some task lighting we installed in Shoreditch. Bright LEDs shine below the cupboards, allowing for brighter worksurfaces for tasks such as chopping food. The task lighting is especially useful in this particular design as the worktops are dark-coloured. Notice how the ambient lights can be turned off to create further mood in the kitchen.

A combination of lighting techniques is key for a balanced feel in your kitchen. The glare of bright task lighting can be off-set with the atmosphere of ambient lighting, and shadowy corners can be brought to life with accent lights.

Light your lifestyle & your space
Before choosing which lights are right for you, make sure the space you have and how much light you naturally receive, and how you use your kitchen:

Natural Light
Nothing quite beats natural light. Maximise the possibilities by installing skylights, french doors and well-thought-out windows, helping light to flood into your space.