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Flex Ceiling

Flex Ceiling Design in India

Flex ceiling is made by polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ), which is a modern suspended ceiling system concept that was invented in Germany as an interior decoration enhancement , It is becoming increasingly popular. This type of system consists two basic parts , which is called frames ( profiles ) and stretched ceiling membranes (PVC Foil ) . Its installation need to be installed the frames first . Then insert the stretch ceiling materials with PVC harpoon into the gap of installed frames, which can be fit into any shapes and meet any designs. The perimeter frames that hold the stretch ceiling membrane can be created in a variety of shapes like rectangular, oval , flat , curved , or three dimensional .Membranes can be translucent or opaque and they can also be layered or incorporate decorative lighting elements. Often a printed image is applied to the material , decorative wall panel , or 3D structure. It can create the extraordinary impression of view .

Reinvent your ceiling with Kopen Flex Ceiling solutions!

Traditional 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ ceiling modules have become a thing of the past. No one can opt for a more customized solution for their ceiling with the aid of Kopen Flex Ceiling solutions. Flex ceiling has become one of the more popular modern ceiling solutions as it not only allows for one to have a modern stretch ceiling design but is also a more cost-friendly ceiling solution as well, especially in the long run. And when it comes to your modern stretch ceiling design in India needs, you simply could not find a better companion for your needs than Kopen Custom AV Lights.

What exactly is Flex Ceiling?

Flex Ceiling is a modern suspended ceiling system made with PVC or polyvinyl chloride to provide a unique ambiance to a room desired by the owner. With the use of profiles and PVC foils, Flex Ceiling offers customized ceiling solutions. And at Kopen, you can choose from a wide option of flex ceiling design in India. From starry ceiling light dining room and star lights for bedroom ceiling in India to ceiling for theater room in India online, you are sure to be overwhelmed with the options that are available for you at Kopen Custom AV Lights.

But ceiling for residential space in India is not the only Star Ceiling Light in India solution available at Kopen. We also provide solutions for flex ceiling for commercial spaces in India and ceiling for Hospital in India, and that too at highly affordable prices. So, if you are worried about starry ceiling lights cost in India, don’t! Kopen Stretch ceiling price in India is one of the lowest you will find in the market, especially with the quality stretch fabric ceiling in India solutions we are offering. That is a Kopen guarantee!

We take customer satisfaction quite seriously at Kopen Custom AV Lights. That is why we offer installation services across India.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to is today for the perfect bedroom ceiling star lights in India online solution for your needs, at affordable pricing. We always look forward to providing you with the best deals ever. Our main objective is to help customers meet their needs and add comfort to their shopping experience with us. Now, stay tuned and get the best solution for your needs.