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“At Kopen lights we provide finest of the lighting designs trending Internationally. We intend to provide lighting at a affordable price to our customers and still be in Vogue. Visit us or call us to discuss how we can make your spaces transform.”

Living Room Lighting Design

For many families, the living room is arguably the most important room in the home. Host to a versatile range of activities from entertaining guests to spending quality time with family or unwinding after a long workday, the living room should be designed to meet all your family’s needs in both comfort and style. Living rooms need careful considerations for functional lighting as poorly placed lights can impede even the most basic living room activities, like watching TV or chatting with friends. To keep this room comfortable and tailored to your needs, you will have to create layers of light that can be easily adjusted depending on whatever you are using your living room for at the moment. Layering lighting refers to the practice of lighting a space using fixtures that fulfill one or more of the following types of illumination: ambient, task, decorative, and accent.

Fiber Optic Chandeliers

Fiber optic kits, a pretty production for sky starry ceiling and other location! Owing its easy installation and convenient operation, any person can do it by their own design or idea, any pattern or size can be done. As that, below has dozens of different function machine for customer selection. It does receive a magical, dynamic and wonderful ceiling sky. Additionally you can also have applications like illuminating swimming pool, extreme high end Chandeliers made our of Fiber Optic

  • Custom Lighting Solution for Starry Ceiling, Chandeliers, Under Water.
  • High Quality Mitsubishi Optic Fiber
  • Installation Service across India