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Welcome to Kopen Lights

“At Kopen lights we provide finest of the lighting products trending Internationally, with over 1200+ dealer network across India we reach out to the architects and interior designers with ease. We intend to provide high end lighting solutions for architects and dealers in India. 

Founded in Valencia

In Aromas del Campo we began our journey as a company in 1986, in Valencia. At that time our specialty was the manufacturing of potpourris of dried flowers and aroma- tic products. A few years later we started to make small glass table lamps filled with dried flowers. Since then, and once consolidated in the lighting sector, we moved our activity to the town of Bétera (Valencia), where we centralized production and international distribution of our lighting products. We bet on technological design, functional and affordable lamps, with pure and simple lines but without neglecting the forms of Aromas. In this collection we focus on traditionally relegated materials to the construction finishes and decorative complements, such as marble, wood or ceramic. However, our main materials continue to be metal and glass, combined in a diversion of solidity and lightness that results in elegant and timeless pieces. At Aromas del Campo we believe in the commitment of companies as part of the change towards a greener future. For this reason, we have developed a strategic plan to promote the change of the company towards a more sustainable model in the coming years.

Made in Belgium

Atelier Luxus passion for beauty and excellence in the art of living gives birth to products that are true objects of desire. Made in Belgium. Manufactured in solid brass to withstand the test of time and made from materials of exceptional quality, each product Atelier Luxus benefits from the know-how of expert goldsmiths. These unique pieces present finishings of unmatched finesse and richness of tones.

Founded in Valencia

AGO is a Korean lighting company that searches for a balance between beauty and function with light. Creating objects means recording today’s history. AGO develops every object with the consideration that our work will remain as a document of today. Together with our accomplished designers, we craft every object to be distinctive and bold with a meticulous attention to detail. AGO values simple, honest and refined aesthetics. We collaborate with designers who share these values and make their ideas possible through our dedication to production. We acknowledge that every detail defines the product. Through using our own production and working with our local craft manufactures we can ensure full control of the quality, from each parting line to the final finish, nothing over looked. Nowadays, the line between residential and commercial space has become increasingly blurred. Home office or co-working spaces, informal meeting and workspaces hot desks and virtual offices all drive a new demand for flexible and creative lighting. We believe we create lighting that defines spaces. The importance of light in each space should never be overlooked, so we encourage our lighting to be the starting point to create a space. Many of AGOs collection offers lighting options that can be specified by architects and designers. AGO is located in an area of central Seoul named Euljiro. Historically Euljiro has been at the heart of Korean manufacturing industry. Many small factories and workshops remain and it is here we work, collaborating with the skilled craftsmen and artisans of the area. Our name, AGO, is derived from Korean for old friends ​​— a reference to our region's history and the new friendships we hope to forge.